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My name is Matt Stepan, and I am an actor, director, and graduate student in Los Angeles, California. I am currently an MFA candidate in Television, Film, and Theatre (Acting) at Cal State LA.


I am a storyteller exploring the crossroads between individuals, ideas, and communities. The inherent human need to explore the world around us, as well as the inner truth within every heart and soul, is the guiding light of my work. Working from a place of curiosity and joy to impart the wonder of discovery and hope to others is the cornerstone of what I do. My artistic journey began with acting in the theatre and my approach to creating art is fundamentally based on relationships and the human experience. I act, direct, and devise theatrical and new media performance experiences oriented toward provoking thought and igniting conversations to stir curiosity, question beliefs, and invigorate communities. I seek to advance the truth of this moment and this place through work created in and for the present, as well as the classics reborn. I work in collaborative environments that create work greater than the sum of its parts. I invite audiences to ask questions and play detective of the soul to spark discovery and propel social engagement. 

When I'm not performing, rehearsing, or training I can often be found attending theatre and movies, reading comic books, listening to audiobooks, enjoying social media, or exploring LA.


Thank you for visiting my website. Please feel free to explore, review my resume, and reach out with opportunities for collaboration.




Actor & Director


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